Cannabis and hemp COMPLIANCE


Unfortunately, dozens of cannabis firms have had their state licenses suspended or revoked due to non-compliance with the Metrc system.  While tracking and managing inventory via Metrc and maintaining compliance over time can be a daunting task, many firms have learned how to use Metrc to their advantage while adhering to state regulations.  DreamLeaf Partners has extensive experience utilizing Metrc (on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools) to reduce inventory management costs, improve accounting capabilities, and deliver transparency to all stakeholders across the supply chain.  DreamLeaf Partners looks forward to working with your team to turn Metrc into a valued asset as opposed to risk or burden to your business.


Federal and state-level laws pertaining to cannabis and hemp product packaging are changing at a rapid pace.  Having a thorough understanding of labeling and packaging requirements can mean the difference between your product succeeding or failing due to costly recalls or lawsuits.  DreamLeaf partners can help design compliant packaging and labels that are consistent with your brand image. In addition, we can help evaluate packaging to ensure it is compliant with the federal Poison Prevention Packaging Act and other regulations depending on where your products are distributed


Many cannabis and hemp cultivators are not properly equipped to comply with state and federal guidelines.  Managing multiple crops through different growth phases requires discipline and standard operating procedures (SOPs) that can be relied on to ensure inventory is properly tracked, material safety data sheets (MSDS) are updated on a regular basis, facility logs are up-to-date, and plant waste is properly documented.  DreamLeaf Partners has worked with some of the largest cultivators in the industry. We can help your facility prepare for the inevitable inspection and reduce the likelihood of license suspension or revocation due to non-compliance.


Of all the points in the supply chain, retail cannabis dispensaries may be the most complex in terms of maintaining regulatory compliance.  As the final distribution point to consumers, dispensaries are responsible for ensuring products are properly packaged and labeled, state-mandated purchase limits are adhered to, inventory is fully traceable, retail business licenses are in place, and more.  DreamLeaf Partners can help protect the investments you’ve made in your brand, inventory, real estate, etc. by auditing your retail operations and identifying gaps that could potentially result in license suspension or revocation.