Cannabis and hemp CULTIVATION


Building (and then scaling) a cannabis or hemp cultivation facility requires careful planning and maintenance.  Developing a comprehensive propagation strategy and schedule is one of the first things a cultivator should do prior to breaking ground on a new project.  DreamLeaf Partners has developed robust standard operating procedures (SOPs) for both clone and seed propagation and regularly works with farms to ensure they have an appropriate amount of healthy cuttings or seedlings for each planting cycle.  Our consultants also have experience building tissue culture/lab set-ups that are designed to support the high-volume requirements of the largest farms in the business. Please contact us for more information on our propagation services.


In today’s hyper-competitive market, flower potency and aroma can mean the difference between your business thriving or falling flat.  Establishing a robust nutrient program that is customized based on your crop’s unique growing conditions can help maximize yield and generate the plant qualities your customers are looking for.  While there are a number of “off-the-shelf” options that may be suitable for your farm, DreamLeaf Partners typically recommends “self-brewed” nutrient formulas that are tailored based on plant genetics, soil composition, etc.  These customized solutions can save the average farmer thousands of dollars per season and often result in a healthier crop. Contact us for more information on our nutrient packages, which include raw ingredient/equipment lists, feeding charts/schedules, and comprehensive employee training. 


Everyone knows that healthy plants are more likely to produce a high-quality flower that your farm can be proud of.  However, when plants become damaged or sick due to pests or pathogens, identifying the root cause can be easier said than done.  Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, DreamLeaf partners can help remediate existing issues and get your crop back on track.  In addition, our consultants specialize in engineering preventative systems and in-house testing programs that your staff can leverage on an on-going basis to reduce the likelihood of new pests or pathogens impacting your garden.