While there are examples of cannabis and hemp companies that have achieved 100% vertical integration, most industry participants rely on 3rd parties for one or more components of the supply chain.  Thoroughly vetting 3rd parties that you depend on to drive growth and support day-to-day operations is critical in terms of building a sustainable business. DreamLeaf Partners has extensive experience evaluating the consistency, quality, capacity, and compliance of the products and services that are offered by cultivators, packagers, and distributors in the industry.  Contact us for more information on how to reduce counterparty risk and improve your business’s ability to deliver a quality product to the market.


There is no doubt that the cannabis and hemp industries represent attractive opportunities for investors.  However, given the high number of new market entrants and the dynamic nature of the industry, it is difficult for investors to know where they’re likely to get a reasonable return.  DreamLeaf Partners works with investors large and small to vet investment opportunities based on a number of criteria including go-to-market strategy, supply chain strategy, counterparty risk, production quality, and capacity.  Please contact us to discuss how our consultants can help guide and / or validate your investment thesis.